For Pilots

Flight Plan - Submit Domestic Flight Plans with your iOS Device

  • File Domestic Flight Plans

    Submit VFR & IFR flight plans to the FAA through DUAT. They can be opened by contacting Flight Services at 1-800-WX-BRIEF or 122.2 MHz.

  • No Service Fees

    Once you purchase this app, there are no fees to file unlimited flight plans to the FAA for the rest of your life. Nice.

  • Available on All iOS Devices

    Available for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad (at iPhone resolution). An Internet connection is required to submit plans.


Available on the App Store for $2.99
  • Fast & Easy

    This app has been designed with your tired thumbs in mind. Once you set up your pilot profile and add the planes and routes you use, you can quickly submit new flight plans with only the relevant details to that flight.

    1. Complete your pilot profile.
    2. Add the planes you fly.
    3. Add the routes you take.
    4. File new plans using the above info over and over. It's quick.